What’s in a name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” The famous words of Shakespeare, but how much truth is really in them? Yes, the rose would smell as sweet if called by another name, but would it be as memorable? I personally don’t think so. There is power in language. By my simply saying the word “rose,” an image is conjured in your mind. Perhaps the rosebush your mother grew in the yard where you spent your childhood, and perhaps along with this the memorable pang of the sharp thorns that guarded that sweet flower. Perhaps a simple red rose as a reminder of a past love, along with the sweet fragrance as a reminder of those feelings. Whatever the image may be, there is power in a name.

My dad has always talked about the importance of our family name. He reminds me that when I do things, people associate my actions with the Haws name. It makes me want to be better, so that it reflects well on my parents and how hard they worked to raise me. I want to bring honor to the family name that has been passed down through many generations of amazing men and women who came before me.

One name that is especially important to remember and honor is that of our Savior, Jesus Christ. As I prepare to serve Him, I have pondered the importance of His name. I have covenanted to take His name upon me. For the 18 months that I will serve, I will have His name written on my heart, both literally and figuratively. I want those who know me, and know my name, to want to come to know the name of Jesus Christ. His name represents love and kindness, charity and forgiving, selfless service, perfection. I want people to know of Him through me, and I hope that those who know me now can learn to know Him because of me. Obviously I’m human. I can’t be perfect. I can always be selfless or caring or loving. But that’s the amazing thing about Christ is that He doesn’t expect perfection, He expects that we try our best and rely on Him to make up the difference. And sometimes our best is simply asking Him for help.

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