Bienvenidos a Mexicó‏

April 14, 2015
¡Hola! This week has somehow found a way to balance between boring and super super busy, so to save you from all of the boring details, I will just give you a rundown of the good, the bad, and the ugly, mixed with quotes from all of the songs, movies, and other pop culture that I don’t currently have in my life.
The Good:
-“Almost Paridise!” This place is seriously a paridice, but only almost because we’re stuck in classrooms all day long, so we don’t get to enjoy the paradice as much. But it’s still amazing.
-“The church is so true I can’t believe it!” They say the MTC is a spiritual high. Its true. We get home exhausted at night partly from the constant attempt to understand spanish, and mostly from the continuous spirit that  you ALWAYS feel.
-We taught our last lesson with our investigator this week. WE taught her about repentance and the power of the atonement, and she committed to be baptized! it was so cool!
-The gospel can change lives, even if those lives are fake. Our investigator became our teacher right after we finished teaching her.
-The language is going pretty well. I can now form fairly coherent sentences.
-theres no time to get ready in the morning, so I can now get ready somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes. For those of you that know me pretty well know that this is practically a miracle.
-We now have 4 investigators a week, which is kind of stressful, but its great!
-In one of the lessons with our new investigators this week, I taught pretty much the whole lesson because my companion doesn’t know very much, which I feel really bad about, but the lesson was super cool because I said so many things I didn’t even think I had the words for. The spirit was so strong and just spoke through me and I said the things I needed to say
-The CCM life is a roller coaster, of emotions, of work, of stress, everything. (but this point is under the “good”section for a reason)
-Our teachers are AMAZING!! We play games to practice the rules of certain grammar principles and they explain it in a way that we can understand. And Hno Romero served in the Arcadia California mission (shoutout to my cousin, Amanda’s mission!)
-my district is the best. one of our elders, Elder Neuwirth, decided to write “missionary lyrics” to modern songs, and so,  “shut up and baptize me” happened after the song “shut up and dance with me”. He sang his version of the song to us and it was hilarious!
-wearing a nametag every day is amazing. I love having the Savior’s name next to mine. “its the best!”(imagine me saying this in a Nacho Libre accent)
The Bad:
-this week, my companion was sick, so I just sat in my room and studied for like 4 hours. It was a little boring, but it was also a little relaxing
-my grammar is TERRIBLE! Both English and Spanish. I get so copnfused sometimes between the two, and so it ends up a jumbled spanglish mess of words that I just hope someone can understand.
The Ugly:
-my toe-I apparently have an ingrown tonail, which is common among missionaries, but it means my toe is swollen and red and disgusting.
-my hair-hyaving only 30 minutes to get ready in the morning with 4 girls means you have to make sacrifices, and sadly my hair being fixed well is continually sacrificed. Also, Mexico is more humid than New Mexico, so it gets frizzy anyway. *sigh* oh well.
twin falls  I met someone from Twin falls! Her dad is the stake president there, so I’ll probably meet her family! (also here’s an example of my hair.)
I seriously LOVE it here sooo much!! I love you all and miss you!

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