Bienvenidos a Mexicó

April 7, 2015

AAHH!!! I´m in Mexico! Please excuse my spelling and english, because adding another language in has really messd with my writing. Its gotten pretty bad. I´ll try to type fast so I can say everything!! I love it here so much! Its sooo hard but sooo worth it!!

So on the flight here, I pretty much slept from ABQ to Atlanta. I didn´t see any missionaries on that plane, but there were quite a few of us on the atlanta flight though. so that was cool. I sat by Elder Nuewirth on the plane. He´s from Virginia and serving in Mexico Puebla North mission. He is super funny and kept the plane ride very intersting. I also met Hermana Heywood. She´s from Gilbert and serving in Mexico City East mission. She´s super sweet and really cool. Heermana Heywood is in my casa, and Elder Nuewirth is one of the co-district leaders in my district!
The car ride from that airport to the CCM (MTC en español) was so crazy!! People here are insane drivers!! They swerve through the lanes without a care in the world at rediculously fast speeds!!  almost didn´t thinkI wuold make it here alive!! The city is so pretty though! The buildings are super colorful and theres really impressive grafitti everywhere! There are so many trees and the weather is perfect ALL THE TIME!!! THe first day we got here, we were greeted by a thunderstorm, which I LOVED! The rest of the time its been really warm andtropical and awesome. There are so many palm trees everywhere in the CCM campus. theres also these really pretty PURPLE trees here that are blooming right now. I feel like they´re here just for me! It´s so great! The CCM is really  a paradice though.
IN my district (8A! Best district ever!) theres 6 Hnas (hermana shortened) y 2 Elders. The hnas are Hna Child, from Utah going to Virginia Chesapeke and her compañera, Hna Lozano from Sacremento going to Ogden Utah. They are both my roommates and they are seriously awesome! Then there´s Hna Johnson from Seattle Washington going to Oklahoma City, and her compañera, Hna Bliss from St Gerorge going to the DC South mission (shoutout to my dad´s mission!). Then theres me and my compañera, Hemana Henricksen whose from SLC and she´s going to Illinois Chicago. She is such an awesome companion and I have learned so much from her already. I´ll try to send picturas, pero yo no se if I´ll have time. Also the Elders are Elder Davidson (who was in my fall ward at BYU! I´ve seen lots of people from BYU! It´s crazy!) who is from El Paso and who is serving in Villahermosa. He knows spanish so well already! His companion, who I´ve already mentioned, is Elder Nuewirth.
From BYU, I´ve also seen Hermana Andersen, who lived next door to me in heritage during the fall. She´s serving in Guadalajara. Hermana Christensen, my roommate from the summer, whose serving in Irvine California (shout out to my sister´s mission!) It´s so crazy to see her here and have to call her hermana. but its great. Also, Elder Davidson, obviously , and Elder Busi from my summer ward at BYU, and Elder Alguier, who is serving in Monteray Mexico. He leaves in like a week, and its so crazy seeing him here too!
We taught our first lession in español the second day of being here. it was muy dificil, pero I understood so much! I am so amazed at how much of the spanish I can understand. Thank you New Mexico, Sizzler, El Libro de Mormon, and especially the spirit! It´s so amazing!! I still can´t speak it very well, so yo habla mucho Spanglish, as I´m sure you can tell. I don´t have too much of a hard time picking up the accent, but i probably still sound really American. With effort, I can express myself.  Our teachers speak only in español, so I´m learning so many more words and I´ve gotten to the pouint where I´m fairly certain I dream in spanglish because I wake up with random spanish phrases in my brain. But, it must be going ok, because in our first lession with Paola, our investigator, we taught her about God and how to pray, and she said a prayer!! It was the greatest moment. In the second lession, she preayed again and we taught her about the restoration of the gospel. I´m not sure how well that lession went, even if she didn´t get anything, I could feel the spirit, and I hope she did as well. She  agreed to pray about Joseph smith and read the Book of Mormon.
studying and going to class and trying to comprehend 24/7 is a little exhausting, but its the best feeling when you crawl into bed and just crash from a full day of preparing to do the Lord´s work. I am learning so much about how to be humble, patient (with myself and others) and how to be a better missionary.
Random side not. Apparently mexicans party hard from Easter. There were fireworks every single day leading up to Sunday, and then all day sunday. And Monday is a national holliday. We could hear their music and fireworks and just general party noises from withing the walls of the CCM. It was kind of cool. Also, we had to lose an hour of sleep for their daylight savings time Saturday night.
This weekend was amazing! We got to watch general conference in English !! There were so many questions that I had answered and I felt the spirit so strong. If you haven´t had a chance to watch it, its on I strongly recommend it. Nothing compares from hearing the words of the Lord through our living prophets. Plus, it was easter, so all of the talks on Sunday were focused on Christ and the atonement and his unending love for us. Whether Mormon or not, you should watch it.
The teachers we have are amazing. we have Hno (hermano, or brother) Vigueras, Hno Cayetano, y Hno Martinez. They are all so amazing! They speak really slow when they speak in spanish, which helps so much to understand them. And when they do speak english, their english is like perfect, with very little accent. Hermano Cayetano told me to tell you all he said hi! he is so funny! he tries to say american phrases. he taught us a cool handshake type thing that I´m going to have to teach yáll when I get home, and when he taught it to us, he said “muy swaggy” It was hilarious!!
Also another random side note, latinos can´t say Haws. It´s really funny to see them try.
This morning we went to the visitor center  at the temple. It is so beautiful! And so huge! Its the largest temple outside the US. I so want to come back after its rededicated to go inside it. after all, it is on my bucket list to go to every temple in the world. Gotta start somewhere 🙂
I love you all so much!! I miss you all. but I know I´m doing the right thing by being here. I have had that confirmed to me so many times. I love this gospel and I love my Savior, jesus Christ. I know that the church is true and that the gospel is true. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that we have a living prophet today. I know my Savior lives. I know the Book of Mormon is the true word of God.
Hermana Haws

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