6 down, 12 to go‏

September 28, 2015

Well. I just had the crazy realization that later this week I will hit my 6 month mark (good old General Conference to remind me)! It has flown by so fast!! I can’t believe I have already bee out this long. Sometimes I feel like I just got here, and other times I feel like I’ve been a missionary forever. There are people here that I can just connect with and I feel like I’ve none them forever. I am definitely here for a reason. There’s still so much work to do, and sometimes it feels like not enough time to do it. I have learned a lot about time management and prioritizing.

This week was great. My companion is super awesome. We just connect really well. I think there’s definitely a lot of reasons we are here together. We have still been meeting with Analee, the little girl with the baptismal date. We have seen her progress a ton in the past week. And her and her mom were able to come to church this week.
Fasting has so much power! We fasted this week for the Spanish work here in Gooding, and we have started to see it really pick up because of it. And I know that it’ll just keep growing. Remember that prioritize thing? Yea we really have to do that because we have so much Spanish and English work, but I am finally starting to learn the area so now I know a little more about how to help, where to go and what to do.
Being a missionary is amazing, but our work could not be done without the members. Every single member is essential in the work of salvation. Every calling every person is important. the most important thing that I keep learning on my mission is that “the worth of Souls is great in the sight of God” (DyC 18:10)
  I love you all! Stay amazing! Remember that you are great in the eyes of God. Every person you meet is a spirit son or daughter of God. EVERY ONE.
Con Amor,
Heramana Haws 🙂

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