July 6, 2015

BURLEY IS ADORABLE!!! haha So story time: my companion and I were joking the other day because we were walking down the street and I kept saying “I could live here. I just love it so much” and then like two houses down, THERE WAS A HOUSE FOR SALE!!! But now I have to remind myself that I am on a mission to save souls, and NOT to go house hunting.

Other than being distracted by the adorable houses and the quaint little town that is Burley, this week was filled with CONTACTING! I am apparently terrible at small talk (although anyone who’s talked to me would know that after just 2 minutes). And then it’s worse, because Spanish. BUT hopefully if I keep trying, maybe eventually I’ll be able to talk to people and have good communication skills. But most importantly, all of this contacting will hopefully result in teaching in the near future. I can’t wait for the time when have more investigators and can teach more people. I guess I didn’t realize how much I love teaching until now, when we do it so much less. But the lessons we do have are great. It’s crazy too, because teaching and talking to people about the gospel is one of the few times I can actually speak Spanish. Although the Spanish is getting better, I need to remind myself to be patient. I want to be able to speak perfectly RIGHT NOW. But, Heavenly Father doesn’t work that way. I think I must have prayed for patience right before I got my call (and we all know that praying for patience results in patience-trying opportunities). But it’s great because it’s something I need to do, and I think Heavenly Father knew that.
Well this week wasn’t super interesting. We DID have our first rude person. We were tracting in this one trailer park when a sweet looking old lady opened the door. I introduced myself, said the name of the church, and she said “I don’t want to have anything to do with you” and slammed the door in my face. It was great. And then, the next day, I knocked on a different door, didn’t even get “The Church of…” out, when he slammed the door in our face. In all this time in Idaho, I was starting to wonder if we would ever run into a rude person, but we did. Two in a week!
We also had our first lesson outside this week. We were meeting with one of the investigators that we found through our own efforts, Ulise. He is a single man who has only been in the United States for about a month. He has been prepared for the gospel in amazing ways. Our set appointment with him fell through, so we stopped by the next day to see if he was there so we could set a new appointment. And he was there, so we just taught him a lesson in his front yard right then. He only had two chairs, so we sat under a tree and he sat on his car. It was one of the days that wasn’t DYING hot, and we were in the shade. When we recounted the memorized first vision of Joseph Smith, the Spirit was so strong. Under the cool breeze and shady tree, I imagined what it would have been like for Joseph Smith that spring day, and the Spirit testified yet again that Joseph Smith truly was a prophet of God and really did see God the Father and Jesus Christ.  I just hope Ulise felt that same Spirit testify of the truth of the things we taught.
The church is true. The Book of Mormon is the word of God (and the greatest book in the entire world). The First Vision really happened, prayers are answered, and our Heavenly Father loves each of us perfectly. I know that to be true. I know that each of you can grow closer to our Heavenly Father and know the truth of these things for yourself through the amazing gift of prayer. I encourage you all to pray for yourselves to know of the truth of these things. I love you all. Stay amazing!
Hermana Haws

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