June 29, 2015

Well this week was definitely full of a lot of new experiences. Some enjoyable, some difficult, all for the good. The first couple of days being in the new Burley area were the hardest. Neither I nor my companion knew where to start. We didn’t know how to go about finding people, learning the area, figuring out how to get around, let alone teaching. And so, we started with the only thing we really knew for sure. We prayed. For guidance, for comfort, for help, for patience, for the Spirit. I have said so many prayers this week. And this experience has humbled me yet again, reminding me that I need my Heavenly Father. I, in my weak and human state, cannot do this work. I can try, but unless I have the powers of heaven on my side, and unless I have the Spirit with me, I cannot do it.

In our new area, we cover the entire Burley West stake, and part of the Oakley stake in Spanish. There’s a lot of work to do, and in a lot of ways, it’s like starting over. But we’re starting to make progress, and when we have lessons with the people that have been taught, and I’m able to talk about my Savior, I remember why I’m on a mission, and it makes all of the hard things worth it. It makes them all possible. 
I love Burley. It’s an adorable little town and I wouldn’t mind staying here for a long time (a lot longer than 6 weeks). It is also HOT! We’ve gotten in our car and the temperature was OVER 100! And since everything is closer together, we find areas where there’s more people, and then we walk (something that wasn’t even a possibility in Malta). Sometimes I feel like I’m baking, and I’m permanently red, even with sunscreen. To give you an idea, the other day my companion told me that my face was the same color as my hair….
But, other than the dying heat that I did not expect from Idaho, the work here is great. We do lots of contacting, right now. I use my Spanish a lot more, which means it’s also getting better. There are some things that just don’t click in my brain, but by using it more, I’m able to recognize the mistakes I’m making. it’s just like everything else in my mission, I am confronting my weaknesses every day and striving with all my might to overcome them with the help of the Lord.
So one cool thing about being in Burley, I saw Tori Davis!!! She works at the Library down the street from where I live, and we were there for a service project and she was working! It was so great to see a familiar face.
Also, it is freaky how many connections I have to Gallup here. I have met so many people that either know Gallup, or have heard of it, or know someone from Gallup. It’s insane. 
Well I love you all! I hope you have a great week! Stay amazing
Hermana Haws
700 W 21st Street
Burley, ID 83318

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