By Small and Simple things are Great things brought to pass.‏

July 20, 2015

This week was one full of miracles!! We had exchanges, which were amazing in themselves. I went to the Kimberly area with Hermana Dietze. I learned so much from her. She is an amazing example and I came back with lots of ideas on how to improve, as a missionary and as a person. Lots of great things happened while I was gone as well. For example, this week we had 11 new referrals and 5 new investigators! As the members see our excitement to work, they want to help us. They tell us all about their friends, people the missionaries have taught in the past, whoever they can possibly think of. It is so great to see their excitement about the work increase and grow. 
We also had the opportunity to get to know some people and do some service in Oakley (including being in a float for their Pioneer Day celebration, working in a food booth at a rodeo, and just talking to people in a park). Despite the whether (it rained the whole time), there was a great turnout and there could be some potential there in the future. If nothing else, we at least showed the members that we are diligent, and planted seeds in the hearts of those we talked to.
Saturday night, we had the miracle of the baptism of Elia and Jesus from Malta. It was so great to see them take this step closer to our Heavenly Father and make this covenant. The Spirit was so strong and I just felt so much joy for them. I read something from a returned missionary before I left, and they said that missionary work is 98% hard work for 2% of pure joy. I felt a taste of that pure joy at their baptism. I only taught them a few times, and I don’t even know if anything I said or did helped them to make this decision, but I had the amazing opportunity to at least know them and be a part of this process for them. All of the other 98% of work, in my first weeks in Malta, in the weeks here in Burley, all of the preparation to get me to this point, all of the missionaries that taught Elia and Jesus, led to that moment. The joy I felt for them is so indescribable. I can only imagine that if I, who knew them for such a short amount of time, and yet love them so much already and felt so much happiness for them, how much more joy must our Heavenly Father feel, who’s known them for an eternity, and loves them so perfectly. Their baptism reminded me yet again of why I’m on a mission, why I am here. I love this gospel so much. I love the happiness that it brings, that perfect, indescribable happiness. I love my Heavenly Father. I know that he loves his children. I love these people and I want them to feel that happiness, that love. To me, that is the most important thing. That is my goal, to have that happiness forever. And I know that as I continue to do the things that our Heavenly Father asks of us and try to come closer to Him, I will be able to achieve that. I know that that is the only way. The only way to receive that happiness that He’s promised. And I know that it is my responsibility as his representative to teach people the way back, to guide them to Jesus Christ, through whom we can have eternal joy. 
I love you all! I encourage you to search for the eternal joy in your lives. Invite Christ into your life, and you will be blessed amazingly. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. It is amazing that power it has to change lives. I can promise you that reading it and sincerely praying will lead to answers.
Hermana Haws 🙂
ashley ashley 2
       We went to the 24th celebration in Oakley and they had us on one of the floats! It was so fun!

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