October 5, 2015

Hey! Conference was so amazing! We watched it at one of our investigator’s house. His family is all members (or at least the people he lives with that are basically his family…complicated family situation) but he just has to wait until he is 18 to be baptized because he doesn’t have his mom’s permission to be baptized. It was kind of fun watching it at their house. The kids and snacks made it feel like home. Also, they have a dog that looks JUST LIKE TRAMP!! I’ll send a picture. It’s crazy. I kept accidentally calling him Tramp. haha  (Tramp is our family dog that we had for about 10 years.)

So with all the craziness that was in the house during conference, I only heard part of the ponderize talk, so I’ll have to jump on board next week after I’ve listened to it and actually know what’s going on 😉 From what I did hear, it sounds like a great idea!

So every year for conference, my family always has cinnamon rolls on Sunday.  I realized that I wasn’t gonna have cinnamon rolls like we have EVERY year for Sunday session, so it made me sad. And then the very next house we walk into, the member offers us Cinnamon Rolls! It was a mini miracle that probably wouldn’t mean anything to anyone else, but it meant a lot to me. Little testimony builder that Heavenly Father really is aware of us, and if it matters to us, it matters to him.
We are actually teaching a little girl about the temple today and we were going to have her look for her favorite temple and think about how to get there. She’s only 10.

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