Contacting, contacting, and more contacting!‏

July 13, 2015

There really isn’t much to report this week. Just more contacting. We had some really awkward situations, and have been living by the motto TOAST (Thrive On Awkward Situations Today). We’ve started to go through the ward directory to try and find new people to teach, or at least get to know people and get some referrals. We have had quite a few experiences where we knocked on a door expecting it to be a member and someone completely different answered, and then because we’re Spanish speaking and they’re English speaking we have the awkward “well do we set an appointment or just get their information” decision to make. Usually we end up doing the latter and pass them on to the English missionaries in the area.

We did have one really REALLY interesting door approach with someone who actually was who we were looking for. The guy wouldn’t open the door all the way, told us he drank too much the night before and wasn’t wearing clothes, thought Sister Santillano was the Sister that taught him when he was baptized (whose name was Sister Santillan so he wasn’t that far off), and then proceeded to offer beer, cigarettes, coffee, tea, illegal drugs, tattoos, and every other thing that he knew we weren’t supposed to have. And then showed up at church on Sunday, like two days later. It was quite the experience!
Good News!! Two of our Investigators from Malta are getting baptized on Saturday!! And they’re getting baptized here in Burley, so we get to go!!! We’re so excited from them!
There really isn’t much else. We have been working hard and doing a lot, but these are the only things I feel the need to write home about, or I just can’t remember right now. Just remember the church is true. God loves you, and he as a reason for everything that happens in life.
Love y’all!!
Hermana Haws

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