August 31, 2015

This week has been amazing. We have had many miracles, many tender mercies of the Lord. I love this work more and more every day. As we strive to focus on helping people to progress, and helping this area to grow, we have seen the Lord’s hand in this work.
This week we had exchanges (intercambios) with the Sister Training Leaders, Hermana Dietze and Hermana Maldanado. I stayed in Burley with Hermana Dietze. I learned so much from her. I learned that I know the area and these people better than I thought. I learned of my love for this area and these people that we teach. I learned a lot about myself and how I can improve and be better. I learned about how to be a better, more obedient representative of the Lord. I learned a lot about how I can improve as a missionary, improve in my relationship with my companion, improve in my teaching skills, in the area, helping people to progress. I have a long way to go, but the motivation to get there.
We also had a branch activity which turned out to be a huge success. We made a lot of appointments with nonmembers and less-active members alike. They were able to interact with the members and they were able to see that we’re just normal people, but we have something they don’t have. We have the gospel. We have a light. We have the happiness that knowing the truth brings.
On Sunday, a recent convert that we have been working with a lot in the missionary work taught gospel doctrine class. She shared her testimony, and said something that was so profound. She was talking about her life before and some of the things that she had gone through at the hand of other people. She talked about how before knowing the church, she was Catholic but never really had a relationship with God. When she met with the missionaries, she learned to love the Lord. She learned to forgive those people that had wronged her. She learned about the commandments and the blessings they bring. One thing that I love is that she said that once she found this love for the Lord, keeping the commandments wasn’t hard. She understands her relationship with God and why we have commandments and because of that, she wants to show that love to the Savior through obedience. It was so powerful that someone who has known the church for such a short period of time can see the difference in her life, and that difference means everything to her.
I love this work so much. I LOVE these people! My favorite thing to hear, (actually from Araceli, this recent convert) is the phrase “tu eres Mexicana” because I love these people and their culture so much. I may nnot always know exactly what to say. I may not be able to express myself perfectly, but I can express my love. I can show these people that I love them, and even more importantly, that Heavenly Father loves them. Maybe this love will soften their hearts and get them to the point of progressing.
I just want you all to know that I have a testimony. I know this church is true. I know that God loves us. That He sent His Son for us. That we have a way back. We have a living prophet today who is called and directed by God.
Love you all!!
Hermana Haws

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