It’s a small world after all‏

July 27, 2015

Seriously…What is with Burley, Idaho and Gallup, New Mexico being so connected? I met yet another person this week that knew someone from back home. Maybe it’s just Heavenly Father trying to remind me over and over again that yes, I am meant to be in Idaho. Yes, I really did get the right call. No, my call to Idaho Spanish Speaking wasn’t a joke (in my defense I left on a day that is known in America as a day set aside specifically for practical jokes…it would have been so easy for the Prophet to play a practical joke on me).

There really isn’t that much to report that week. Just contacting, teaching, visiting less-active members, staying at home with my companion sick, talking in church in Spanish in front of like 30 people, meeting people that were very not interested, strengthening my testimony, feeling the spirit all the time, striving to be Christlike, meeting a dance group from Peru, giving service at a Dance Festival, driving the district leader crazy. You know, the usual mission life.
 So, as I said in that grammatically horrible sentence, we did service this week at an international dance festival. They had us following around a group of little kids to go to all of the different workshops where they were learning about the different dances. My favorite was the girls from Peru. They were the sweetest girls and I could talk to them and practice my spanish. They all said they wanted to serve missions as soon as the could. So that was cool.
Also, my companion was sick this week, so I stayed home and studied and almost died of boredom while she slept. If you know anything about missionaries, you know that sick days are the worst because you still follow all of the mission rules. No TV, no music, no leaving your companion. You just sit there and wait until they feel better. But, I did read the entire book of Mosiah and part of Alma.
As far as driving our district leader crazy, or at least to the point where he’s probably sick of our phone calls. My companion and I are both really knew when it comes to the mission. She only has 3 months more than I do. So we have lots of questions. Mostly all about policy, mission rules, things of that nature. We are trying to be exactly obedient and not disobey rules out of ignorance, so we call them at least once a week with questions. Maybe one day we’ll be able to leave them in peace, but as of right now we will keep calling. It’s a good thing our district leader is super cool. So he doesn’t mind. And it’s become an ongoing joke about us calling them.
Love you all! Have an awesome week!

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