“Sister Sorry”‏

August 24, 2015

So! Story time!! (And then we can get to all of that spiritual stuff.) I was translating into English for the Branch on Sunday (for the people that are called to the branch that don’t speak Spanish, such as the wives of the presidency), and there were a few words that I said in Spanish, into the microphone, and the had to correct myself and remember the word in English. It was really funny because one of the members was talking about it afterward. They were telling about how an Elder a couple years ago, every time he translated, he would get lost and then there would be silence in the microphone for a few minutes and then you would here “Dang it.” and then he would pick it up again. The member could only remember his name as “Elder Dang it” Well, apparently when I mess up and say the word in Spanish, I then follow up with “Sorry” and then the English word. So, at least with this family, I have earned the nickname “Sister Sorry.”
This week has just been yet another example that the Lord truly is blessing our efforts. We have seen so many successes the past couple of days. This area has been a little bit of a roller coaster because every time we think that we are going forward, our investigators take two steps back. But this week was a week full of progress. We had great lessons with investigators and less active members both, we were able to find some amazing investigators. With each of the people we have been finding, it is so obvious to me that the Lord has been preparing them. They are so ready in so many ways. With the things they say and the questions they ask, it is clear that they have so much potential. We have been focusing on getting the right members/fellowshippers in the lessons so that the investigators can have a good experience with the church and not just rely on the missionaries.
One of the new investigators we found this week is a man who is here for a little bit while visiting his son. He said he had been to the LDS church before in Mexico and he’s seen missionaries around but he doesn’t really remember a whole lot of what they taught. We stayed at his house for a while to do some service and talked for a portion of the time. We talked a little about missionary work and testified of how we had been called by a living prophet of God. We taught a couple principles of the first lesson, and then we had to leave to go to another appointment, but told him that we would come back to finish doing service. When we came back we set a return appointment and he told us how something we said had sparked his interest, and that thing was living prophets. He said that he had been thinking about it a lot and wants to know what that means, and how it is that we have a living prophet. He also said that he would go to church next week, and that it didn’t matter if it was 3 hours long because if he was going to be spending three hours doing something, what better to do than hear the word of God? He told us that we had 2 chances. If he felt something within  those two lessons, he would continue on to a third and then go on from there. It was definitely a testimony builder that he is so prepared and we were able to find him! The Lord is working right along side us.
The past couple of days have actually been amazingly busy, despite the fact that everyone in ALL OF IDAHO was at the Cassia County fair (ok lets be real. it wasn’t that many people, but you get the point). Everyone we met with worked their appointments around when they would be home so that they could be there, or we happened to show up at exactly the right moment when they were home. Whatever it was, it was a blessing.
We have also met with the Orellana family three times this week. They are so amazing and have so much potential. There are 5 kids, 2 of which are baptismal age, and the parents and we have been working on preparing them for baptism. (If you count, that’s FOUR potential baptisms!) They don’t have a date yet, only because they want to learn more before they are baptized, so we have been focusing on the baptismal interview questions to show them that they are ready and that they really do meet all the requirements for baptism. We are working on getting fellowshippers and getting them to start coming to church again. They were coming to church before, and the kids loved it, but they kind of got out of the habit because the kids have had soccer games every Sunday, but hopefully that will be resolved soon so that they can come to church. We have a lot of hope for them.

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