TiWi es loco‏

October 12, 2015

So TiWis. They are a little black box that sits in your car, monitors your every move, yells at you in a rebuking manner, and then tries to kill you. That’s what we’ve been dealing with this week. The TiWi in our car has apparently been interfering with the communication from the car computer to the entire car, so sometimes we would turn the car on and then wouldn’t be able to get up past 40 MPH, or we wouldn’t be able to move the steering wheel. This has been going on for about a month. And it has cost us a lot of time having to go to Jerome and back to get it fixed. Well this week, TiWi went loco and cancelled communication in the middle of driving and jerked the car into the other lane. While there were cars there!! We almost died!!! Well then that day, exchanges cancelled, all of our appointments cancelled, and we kept feeling like we had to go to Jerome for the car. So we took yet another trip to Jerome and they told us it was the TiWi (did I mention that thing is from Satan?)

Other than almost dying and losing precious hours of missionary time, this week was amazing! We had a baptism yesterday for Analee. All of her family came from out of town to support her and it was the sweetest baptism ever!
Also, we had Zone Conference with Elder Falabella of the seventy. He was super cool. He gave some super inspired council that makes me want to be a better missionary. I left feeling spiritually uplifted and ready to work harder . (And then we took the wrong exit home….oopps….me and cars didn’t work out too well this week)
Well I love you all! Stay amazing! Remember who you are. Listen to General Conference if you haven’t yet! Don’t forget to ponderize! I have a scripture I’m ponderizing this week, but I’m a terrible missionary so I forgot the reference and don’t have my scriptures with me (I’ll tell y’all next week). What scripture are you ponderizing?

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