November 2, 2015

So holidays as a missionary are hard because its those times that nobody wants a stranger in their house. Also, on Halloween everyone is outside and knocking on doors so they’d think that we are just trick or treaters if we tried knocking on doors. Soooo….We hand out candy at ward activities and watch approved movies, and then are inside by 9pm. We weren’t allowed to “dress up” but a member made us hats and scarves that were Harry Potter house colors. We were out of miles since it was the end of the month. We walked around everywhere and people kept telling us “it’s not even cold outside!” so then we had to explain that the hats/scarves were our “costumes.” It was kind of a fun conversation starter.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Also. here’s the finished pumpkin. It was supposed to be first vision. But then it turned creepy so we decided it was pre-vision (when satan attacks Joseph Smith). And then squirrells started to eat it so it didn’t look like anything by Halloween.(oops.)
Well the most exciting thing this week was finding two new investigators! Emrey and Bennita had been taught by the Elders before but had been dropped, and then they moved into our area. They told a member they would love to meet with us and to invite us over. We got a call from this member and immediately went to go visit them,. They were really excited. Even though they were still in the process of moving in and didn’t have everything settled, they knew exactly where their scriptures were. They talked about how much they loved each other and wanted to “make this thing forever” in Bennita’s words. It was the coolest thing. We are so excited to teach them.
I love you all! Hope you have a great week!! Stay amazing and stay warm! Remember to be thankful this month!
Hna Teran and I at the Trunk or Treat with Gracie and Ta’ha, some of the cutest little kids we visit

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