Mud. Its still on my shoes.

November 9, 2015
This week was a really great week. No huge miracles or life-changing stories to tell. Just little successes and diligence. But I guess that’s what a mission is, right? We have a baptismal date set on November 28 for Tim Dudley and his niece Katheryn, who’s 8 so she’ll be a ward baptism. We planned the program on friday and they decided to personally call the people that they wanted to participate. It was the sweetest thing, and the members of the ward were so excited for their baptism. We talked about it a lot in ward council and the members talked about how much of a change they can see in their family from when they first moved here. That’s the power of the Spirit!
We were also able to get a less-active family to come to church. We hadn’t been able to get in, but then the Relief Society was able to set a dinner appointment with them, and since then we have been having amazing weekly lessons/family home evenings with them. They have 3 teenage children. You can really tell that at least the 14 year old son is really starting to progress. At the last FHE we had with them, he was analyzing the scriptures and had all the answers and kept getting impatient when we asked his sisters questions instead of him.
We found 3 new investigators in Spanish! 2 of them were formers that we had felt impressed to go and visit. And it was quite an adventure to find them! Monday night was rainy and cold and dark, but we still felt like we should visit them. We drove out to the general location of the dairy where they lived. We then proceeded to take the ext hour trying to find there house, which included taking wrong turns, walking in the rain and the mud on the dairy, asking for directions, and FINALLY arriving cold and muddy and wet at their doorstep. They let us in and we got to know them a little bit. We decided to play a game with them to include their children and share the gospel at the same time. It was really great. We then saw them again later that week. The second lesson was a little disappointing. Alfredo told us how he didn’t really agree with our religion, didn’t enjoy when he had gone to church, and wasn’t planning on changing from catholisism. But we still were able to get a return appointment and now have an idea of where they are spiritually. I definitely think the focus on families not only led us to them, but also will help us to teach them in a way that they will take interest in the gospel.

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