Thanksgiving, Tamales, Baptism, SNOW, and goats…that’s Idaho

November 30, 2015

This week was super awesome!! We had a baptism this week. Tim Got Baptized!!! It was so amazing and he was so exciting!! He’s been wanting to get baptized for 8 years, and it was finally able to happen! It was so awesome and the Spirit was super strong. His sister Kathryn also got baptized. Also, we had 6 Thanksgiving dinners. 6!! BUT! We paced ourselves, so I ate less than any other thanksgiving. One of the thanksgivings was spent at Tim and Kathryn’s house, and we made tamales with them. It snowed on Wednesday! We were on exchanges and I was in Kimberly, so we were super worried I wouldn’t be able to get back to Gooding. But alas, a kind member gave us a ride and back to Gooding I came! And then we did service…in the snow!! We built a fence so these little goats could stay in this garden and eat all the weeds. 100_1928.JPG

​The goat people had horses…so selfie with a horse


​hay bales…or as my companion says bay hales 😉


​Kathryn and Tim at the baptism!!

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