All’s good in the life of a sister missionary

February 15, 2016

My week was really good. Lots of good things happened.
We set a baptismal date this week! The Salinas family is part member/less active. Sister Salinas is a single mom with 6 kids. All except the two youngest kids are baptized. Aunnie is 10 and Cori is 8. Sister Salinas told us this week that she has been talking to a man in Chile (he’s a member) and they decided that they wanted to be married in the temple. She said that this is a goal that she has had her entire life. She had been working toward it with her kids’ dad, but things didn’t work out and they separated. But now she has that goal in her life again. And it’s a lot closer than it was before. She loves her kids so much and wants to be sealed to them. She really wants the gospel, she really has a testimony of it, she just has a little bit of a hard time acting, being motivated. They were supposed to come to church this week, but didn’t show up. We’re not really sure what happened. But we are planning on finding ways to get them to church.
We have also been finding a TON of new investigators. its awesome! We did have some people at church yesterday. Jennifer Huckaby (I think I told you about her last time) came to church, still in the wrong ward :/ But she came! And she’s been reading the Book of Mormon. And her daughters seem to be taking a little more interest. So that’s super awesome to see.
We had dinner for Valentine’s day at the Bishop’s house and his wife decorated the table with these little cups that had chocolate in them. They have a daughter on a mission so she was like “well I hope someone’s taking care of Lisa like this” Apparently Valentine’s day is like a huge thing for some people. but it was really sweet. I love our bishop and his family. They are super awesome.
Well that’s about it. Being a missionary is awesome. I love it so much. It’s really awesome. I get to tell people every day about Jesus Christ and the blessings that come through the gospel. I get to testify and feel the spirit and see the change it makes in other peoples lives when they feel that spirit too. I love you all so much. I hope all is well with you.
Con Amor,
Hermana Haws

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