December 28, 2015

Well….This week was Christmas!!! I was able to skype home, and that was amazing! I loved seeing my family. I love being a missionary. It is just about the greatest thing I’ve ever done. I love focusing on Jesus Christ every single day, and seeing how that can change people’s lives.

The people we teach are amazing! We have a lot of investigators that have tons of potential. We have the Egersdorfs, who are part-member. She sad yes to baptism in the first lesson, before we’ve even really taught them anything. But we haven’t been able to see them recently :/ We also have Emerito, who’s one of our spanish investigators. He’s like 86 and has a huge desire to be baptized and he’s been to church a couple times and is really well fellowshipped by the Spanish group. He’s been sick though si we haven’t been able to set a baptismal date with him yet. We’re gonna keep working with him. We also have Felipe, who is a spanish investigator. He is really cool because the spirit is super strong when we teach him. We can be bold and really teach with power, which is cool. He isn’t progressing a ton right now, but we have been texting him scripture reminders every night. We go back this week, hopefully with our Spanish WML to see how he’s been doing with that. OH! And we have the Gaspas family. They were Less Active, but have recently been reactivated!! That’s super awesome. We have regular visits with them and they have a goal to make it to the temple next August! We are really excited for them. They have the spirit super strong in their home now, which is amazing.

I love being a missionary. It truly makes me so happy. I love learning and studying the gospel every day. I love visiting people and learning from their experiences and their lives. We visit a lot of elderly sisters that have so much life experience and so many things that I can learn and apply to my life. I love the gospel so much and how it can change lives. I love my Savior.

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