Lo siento

So… I’m kind of horrible about writing. Sorry it’s been so long!

Gooding is doing AMAZING right now! We found like 13 new investigators in the past 2 weeks. We also dropped a ton of people, but it’s ok because that’s what it  needs. The area is supposed to change a lot because if people aren’t progressing we can’t spend all of our time on them. It’s really good to see because the area has basically stayed the same the entire time I’ve been here.

One family that we found really seems to be a “golden” family. Jennifer and her family moved here from California about a year ago. Thanks to some really great members of the church, she was fellowshipped instantly. After a time, they invited her to come to church, the Primary Program. She had a lot of misconceptions of what the church is, but loved that when she went, it was all about Jesus Christ. She met the Elders once, because all of her fellowshippers are in 3rd ward (we only cover first ward in English). And then finally after about a month of them trying to get in, they realized that she lived in our area and passed her over to us. We have been trying to get in for a while and were finally able to have an appointment with her! She has three teenage daughters that are interested as well. They all came to church yesterday, but in third ward. BUT then her daughters came to Sunday school and Young Women in first ward, instantly made friends and are planning on going to their activities this week. So that was SUPER awesome!
Also, we have been meeting with all of the Ward Mission Leaders to try and coordinate the work better and find more investigators. We have a TON of referrals now. We even went to Fairfield this week! Now THAT’S a lot of snow! They had snow all the way up to the street signs.
It’s just a cute little town that’s up in the mountains. They have a ski resort somewhere near it too. It was awesome. Super pretty drive out there too.
Ok so I’m going to make a list of all of the questions Jackson (a 5 year old kid) has asked me. Their family is awesome and we’re there a lot. We skyped at there house and eat dinner there pretty often. There’s tons of these random questions and they are super fun and interesting. Makes me love being a missionary.
1) Have you ever kissed a boy?
​2) Have you ever farted?
3) Do you teach kindergarten?
4) Do you like kindergarteners?
5) Sister Haws, Did your dad die? (WHAT?! XD)
hahah they were so random and made dinner table conversations 10x more interesting.
Well I love you all. Gooding is awesome, although I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be here. I love the gospel so much. I love being a missionary and meeting and visiting so many people. I love seeing their progress.
Love y’all!! Stay amazing!

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