Transfers, Nicknames, Spirit of CHRISTMAS!

December 14, 2015

So this week was super awesome. It was full of everything from receiving transfer information to receiving ridiculous looks and nicknames from members.

Well this week started off with a doctor’s appointment in Twin. So I have achilles tendonitis (basically my heel hurtrs when I wake up, or when I walk, or at the end of the night ,or basically just a lot). Well this was my second visit and there wasn’t any change in my pain between the first and the second, so the doctor talked about other options and how I can get this thing to really heal for good. He talked about either physical therapy or a walking boot (to immobilize it so I stop using my foot , which continuously reinjures it.) Well he said the best option would be both (physical therapy and the boot) so I talked to the mission doctor about what he thought, stressed a lot, prayed about it, and then finally decided to start with just the boot. So now I have a walking boot. I go back in a week to see if I still need to add physical therapy.
Having a boot cast has led to lots of worried members asking if I’m ok. One sister who we ate with this week gave me the nickname of “Sister Crip” as in Sister cripple, because I can’t walk.
We received transfer informaation. and we’re both staying!!! I’m super excited about that!!
Christmas is the best time to be a missionary. I love the spirit that Christmas brings. The church has come out with a Christmas initiative to remember the spirit of Christmas, and the true meaning of Christmas. Y’all should check it out.
Love y’all!! Stay amazing! Remember the Savior was Born to bring us happiness.

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