Feels like fall

October 19, 2015

It’s definitely starting to feel like fall. I had bought winter skirt at DI in Burley a while back (because it was like $2 for a super cute skirt!) And had a log sleeve shirt, and I actually had to wear that today. It’s been cloudy and rainy. Yesterday it was super rainy too, but Hna Teran and I were both sick so we were quarentined inside for 24 hours (which meant missing church…bummer!)

Other than being sick this week, I’m doing great. The work here is very different from my other area, but it’s still the work of the Lord. Just a bit slower. It’s teaching me patience and charity.

Sorry I don’t have a ton of time this week. I love yall!

Hna Haws

TiWi es loco‏

October 12, 2015

So TiWis. They are a little black box that sits in your car, monitors your every move, yells at you in a rebuking manner, and then tries to kill you. That’s what we’ve been dealing with this week. The TiWi in our car has apparently been interfering with the communication from the car computer to the entire car, so sometimes we would turn the car on and then wouldn’t be able to get up past 40 MPH, or we wouldn’t be able to move the steering wheel. This has been going on for about a month. And it has cost us a lot of time having to go to Jerome and back to get it fixed. Well this week, TiWi went loco and cancelled communication in the middle of driving and jerked the car into the other lane. While there were cars there!! We almost died!!! Well then that day, exchanges cancelled, all of our appointments cancelled, and we kept feeling like we had to go to Jerome for the car. So we took yet another trip to Jerome and they told us it was the TiWi (did I mention that thing is from Satan?)

Other than almost dying and losing precious hours of missionary time, this week was amazing! We had a baptism yesterday for Analee. All of her family came from out of town to support her and it was the sweetest baptism ever!
Also, we had Zone Conference with Elder Falabella of the seventy. He was super cool. He gave some super inspired council that makes me want to be a better missionary. I left feeling spiritually uplifted and ready to work harder . (And then we took the wrong exit home….oopps….me and cars didn’t work out too well this week)
Well I love you all! Stay amazing! Remember who you are. Listen to General Conference if you haven’t yet! Don’t forget to ponderize! I have a scripture I’m ponderizing this week, but I’m a terrible missionary so I forgot the reference and don’t have my scriptures with me (I’ll tell y’all next week). What scripture are you ponderizing?


October 5, 2015

Hey! Conference was so amazing! We watched it at one of our investigator’s house. His family is all members (or at least the people he lives with that are basically his family…complicated family situation) but he just has to wait until he is 18 to be baptized because he doesn’t have his mom’s permission to be baptized. It was kind of fun watching it at their house. The kids and snacks made it feel like home. Also, they have a dog that looks JUST LIKE TRAMP!! I’ll send a picture. It’s crazy. I kept accidentally calling him Tramp. haha  (Tramp is our family dog that we had for about 10 years.)

So with all the craziness that was in the house during conference, I only heard part of the ponderize talk, so I’ll have to jump on board next week after I’ve listened to it and actually know what’s going on 😉 From what I did hear, it sounds like a great idea!

So every year for conference, my family always has cinnamon rolls on Sunday.  I realized that I wasn’t gonna have cinnamon rolls like we have EVERY year for Sunday session, so it made me sad. And then the very next house we walk into, the member offers us Cinnamon Rolls! It was a mini miracle that probably wouldn’t mean anything to anyone else, but it meant a lot to me. Little testimony builder that Heavenly Father really is aware of us, and if it matters to us, it matters to him.
We are actually teaching a little girl about the temple today and we were going to have her look for her favorite temple and think about how to get there. She’s only 10.

6 down, 12 to go‏

September 28, 2015

Well. I just had the crazy realization that later this week I will hit my 6 month mark (good old General Conference to remind me)! It has flown by so fast!! I can’t believe I have already bee out this long. Sometimes I feel like I just got here, and other times I feel like I’ve been a missionary forever. There are people here that I can just connect with and I feel like I’ve none them forever. I am definitely here for a reason. There’s still so much work to do, and sometimes it feels like not enough time to do it. I have learned a lot about time management and prioritizing.

This week was great. My companion is super awesome. We just connect really well. I think there’s definitely a lot of reasons we are here together. We have still been meeting with Analee, the little girl with the baptismal date. We have seen her progress a ton in the past week. And her and her mom were able to come to church this week.
Fasting has so much power! We fasted this week for the Spanish work here in Gooding, and we have started to see it really pick up because of it. And I know that it’ll just keep growing. Remember that prioritize thing? Yea we really have to do that because we have so much Spanish and English work, but I am finally starting to learn the area so now I know a little more about how to help, where to go and what to do.
Being a missionary is amazing, but our work could not be done without the members. Every single member is essential in the work of salvation. Every calling every person is important. the most important thing that I keep learning on my mission is that “the worth of Souls is great in the sight of God” (DyC 18:10)
  I love you all! Stay amazing! Remember that you are great in the eyes of God. Every person you meet is a spirit son or daughter of God. EVERY ONE.
Con Amor,
Heramana Haws 🙂

Gooding is Good!‏

September 21, 2015

This week has been amazing! It started in Burley and ended in Gooding! Gooding is definitely good. We have seen so many miracles already in just the past couple days. Hermana Teran is amazing and we have already had so many adventures in just a few short days! Our companionship is great. I feel like every day that we are together, we learn more about each other and grow closer together. With this new companionship, we have been able to follow the guidance of the Spirit to be in the right place at the right time, and to share messages that are based on the needs of the area or the needs of the people.
We were able to set a baptismal date with Analee, a 10-yr old investigator. Her baptism will be October 10th. It was really great to see how excited she and her mom were to set that date and prepare her for baptism. There’s still things we need to do with her to be sure that she really is prepared and understands this covenant that she is making with our Heavenly Father. We had been struggling with finding her a fellowshipper that would suit her and her family and all of her needs. We were visiting some members the next day after setting that date and we stopped by and met with the Roger family. They are an active family with an 8 year old daughter. We talked to them about fellowshipping Analee and they were really excited about it. Analee needs a stable family friend in the gospel, someone her age, and someone to baptize her. This family happened to be perfect. The fit all of the requirements that we needed for her. This was a huge testimony builder of the power of the Spirit guiding us to exactly the answers to our prayers.
I am so excited to be working here in Gooding. It will be a huge blessing and I can’t wait to see the miracles and progression of the work here. Oh! And I’m the designated driver, which means I’m driving! Even though I’m new to the area, so I don’t actually know where I’m going most of the time. My companion just tells me where to go and I go there. Also we have this thing called a TiWi in our car that monitors our driving (seatbelts, speed, aggressive driving, etc) and apparently mine didn’t log in (even though it said it had logged in!) And so then I was rebuked for being a delinquent. Fun stuff. TiWi is from Satan. Not really. It is just a trial of my faith (or more like my patience).
Love you all!
Hermana Haws
(photos are of my companions and I, with the old and with the new)


September 14, 2015

So……I am getting transferred! It came as a huge shock. And I cried when I found out. (that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I did throw myself on my bed and scream in my pillow about how I don’t want to leave and then fake sobbed. I needed a moment of being a drama queen ;P ). I love Burley sooo much and the people here are so amazing. I don’t want to leave our investigators right as they start making progress. The branch here is so great too. I just love them all so much. And now I have to leave them! :,(
And yet at the same time, I’m really excited. My new companion is Hermana Teran. I’ve met her a couple of times and she seems really cool. I’m going to Gooding, but I don’t really know yet what all that covers. Also, my new area will be Spanglish, so back to teaching in English too. That probably means that there isn’t a Spanish branch there, but I don’t really know. One thing I do know is that this is just like any other call. It comes from God through one of His inspired servants. I know that my work here in Burley is done for now and that I am needed in Gooding.
Other than the news of transfers, this week was amazing! We found 9 new investigators. 9!!! (That is INSANELY high for Idaho!!) All of them were just because we decided to ask EVERYONE that was in the house if they wanted to listen to the discussions too. It was so fabulous!
Also, one of our investigators, Griselda, has been reading the Book of Mormon! She is so great! She is already in 1 Nephi chapter 3! She is finally starting to understand! And she has a testimony that it’s true. She knows that it’s the word of God. She has already been applying it to her own life too! We met with her twice this week. The first time, she hadn’t been feeling good (she has some health problems), and so we talked about how the gospel can help us and invited her to read. The second time we went by, we helped her make tortillas (I now know how to make homemade tortillas!) and then talked about the Book of Mormon again. She said she was already in chapter 3, in 3 days!! It was late, so we couldn’t do too much before we had to leave. When we were leaving, she told us that she wished we could stay so she could keep feeling the Spirit. It was so sweet!
Also, we had an investigator at church! We have this one investigator, Jose. He always causes a lot of problems in our lessons and we leave feeling like he is mad at us or doesn’t agree with anything we say. He asks ridiculous questions and overanalyzes everything, but we invited him to church and he said yes. And then he came! He wore his best slacks and a  button down shirt and stayed for all three hours!! Miracle!!
Being a missionary is fabulous! It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I love it so much. I wish you all could see the way that this gospel changes lives. I wish you all could have these experiences with me and see how merciful the Lord really is. But the great thing is you can. You don’t have to be a full time missionary to see the gospel change lives. Kneel and pray to our Heavenly Father and watch how he will change your life. Invite someone to church or to hear the missionaries and see the gospel change their lives. Serve. Your neighbor, the person on the street, your brother or sister. It doesn’t matter who and it doesn’t have to be anything big, just serve. I love you all so much! Stay amazing!!
Les quiero,
Hermana Haws


September 8, 2015

The work here is amazing. It is starting to pick up and we are starting to see a lot of potential. Yet again, the mission focus is perfect. As the past few weeks have continued to be about finding new investigators and making sure that they understand our purpose from the very first lesson, we are starting to see a lot of people that have a lot of potential and are growing closer to Christ, developing testimonies, and getting to the point where they are ready to progress and experience true conversion. As we continue to see success and the Lord’s hand in his work. I have noticed over and over again that as we as a companionship have refocused on being exactly obedient and listening to the Spirit, the Lord is truly leading us to the elect. We have continuously found people that have been prepared by the Lord. For example, we contacted one woman this week who had been meeting with the missionaries in Nevada before she moved here. She let us in and we talked for a little bit. She  told us that the reason she was investigating the church was because she was spiritually hungry. She grew up Christian, and felt that spiritually she was satisfied there, but then as she grew up she fell away from that and lost religion for a while. She then joined the Catholic church when she married her husband, but it didn’t give her the fulfillment she was looking for. She didn’t feel the Spirit there, and there were lots of things she didn’t agree with. She said that when she had been meeting with the Elders in Nevada, she took everything very seriously and she wasn’t afraid to ask them lots of questions. She also said that she had finally started to read the Book of Mormon. She said that it was interesting because it was while she was packing and getting ready to move here. She talked about how when you’re moving, you never have time to do anything, especially not for yourself, but that somehow she felt the need to read. Amidst the craziness of moving, she found the time to read. When we were meeting with her, before saying anything, she asked us when and where church is so that she could attend and see for herself.
I have received so much revelation in the past few days. Mostly just about myself and my relationship with God, but also about the area and the missionary work in general. Zone Meeting and District Meeting were so inspired and helped me so much to know how I can do better, be better to hasten the work in my area. I learned about the changes I need to make in myself to allow for the Lord to work through me. And I made lots of goals to move forward. I know that through the help of the Lord, I can accomplish these things and I will continue to see the Lord hastening the work through me. It is only through the power of he Atonement that I can make the changes necessary, or that any of us can do  anything. I am grateful for the gift repentance to be clean of sins and be better.